Ben Seher - Hawk Alley Tailgate Founder, Beast Bus Chief Operator

One of the founders of The Hawk Alley Tailgate and a life long Seattle Seahawk fan. Ben is the Owner Operator of the Beast Bus and he attends and Manages every Home Game Tailgate. Ben is the person that everyone knows at The Hawk Alley Tailgate and has put 100s of hours into this project. He believes in the Seahawks, the Fans and the City of Seattle. 


Dan Kinley - Founder Hawk Alley Tailgate & Blue Line Express


Justin Smith - Director of Events

Lifelong Seahawks fan who founded the Seahawks fan group.  "The place where only 12s hang" that consists of 32k fans on Fb.  He is a bigger than life personality that loves the fans and loves giving back to others.  He works in sales for Larson Automotive group in Puyallup and resides on surprise lake in Milton.


Michael Zaffe - Beast Bus Engineer


Sean Lewis - Director of Entertainment