Decent At Best

Decent at Best! A local band that the Hawk Alley Tailgate approached a few months ago and asked to come up and perform for all the 12s on the 11th of September 2016.

The band consists of four members, Andy Rupert, Andrew Richards, Steven Bingham and Jack Wigboldy. These guys are based out of Tacoma, Washington and are making a big splash on the Seattle Music Scene. 

DAB sees themselves as a hybrid-electronic-r&b band, and after listening to the first song on their debut EP, also titled, Retroactive Stimulation, it's clear to see why. 'Retroactive Stimulation' is a beautiful introduction to the band's style, and paves the way for the remainder of the EP. This project will have you moving with upbeat, feel-good vibes that appeal to a diverse demographic. Every song in the project has a unique variety of funky sounds that contribute to their own signature style.

I would feel comfortable having this pumping out my car stereo, and also if I was sitting on a beach watching the sun go down- the sound and vibe these guys are bringing seem to just work in any situation. Andy handles the lead vocals, in addition to the guitar. His vocal tones are not too abrupt or in your face, and work extremely well with all the melodies. No one member of this band seems to outshine the rest, which is a rare thing with bands these days, and the friendship really does ring home. 

These guys are going to be performing live down at the Hawk Alley Tailgate on the 11th September for the Season Opener.